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Our cutting-edge service is enhanced and supported with the Royal Fox iPhone, iPad and Google Android Apps. This enables Royal Fox customers to have their properties placed directly into buyers' or tenants' hands 24/7.

With "Push Notification" serious buyers or tenants will be updated by their App as soon as your property becomes available to the market, with full details, an array of digital photographs and the ability to book a viewing immediately - the Royal Fox App gets you ahead!

QR Codes

Estate Agents NorthwichAs smart phone technology develops, Royal Fox is able to further enhance your property listing. If the phone user downloads a QR code scanning ‘App’ they are then able to scan any QR code. These codes are used in many different ways by different companies and are designed to point to a particular part of a web site.

The Royal Fox adds a QR code label (specific to your property) to your sale particulars (brochure). Anyone who picks up a brochure from our offices can later scan the QR code to take them directly to your property listing on our web site (to take full advantage of the full colour photographs, floorplans and Google Street mapping that we are unable to show off to full advantage in a printed brochure). We also add the same property specific QR code to the window cards enabling passers-by to scan and view your full web site listing instantly.

The Royal Fox also adds a QR code label (not specific to your property) to our Sale boards. These QR codes are specific to Royal Fox but because smart phones have gps tracking, the phone works out the closest Royal Fox property for sale to its current position and then points the user directly to your property listing on our web site. Imagine, standing outside a property you want to buy and with one click of a phone seeing instantly the Agent contact details, price, floorplans, descriptions, photographs etc. (Please note - Royal Fox cannot use this feature for high mounted Sale Boards).

QR code technology is still relatively new, but the smart phone market is growing massively and this service underlines Royal Fox’s commitment to staying at the very cutting edge of technology to market your home. It is important to note that we want to use complicated technology to do simple things – i.e. put your property details into the hands of all possible potential buyers, however they wish to communicate with us.